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Limitless Canopies

A particularly stylish way to control light and weather exposure in any outdoor area.

commercial infinite canopy shading
  • retractable canvas shade over a seating area

Versatile and affordable shade

Outdoor spaces are far more comfortable out of direct sunlight, but it can be expensive and difficult to provide shade to a large commercial area. It may also not be desirable for shading to be permanent. Limitless Canopy shades are a great and cost effective way to cover large outdoor areas with shade that is easy adjust by staff, or optionally even guests.

Suspend from cables,
or add to a structure

Limitless Canopy shades work by sliding along taut cables, so all that is absolutely necessary is two structures from which to mount the cables. If a structure on either side of the space to be shaded is not available, it is easy to construct a small free standing anchor, or integrate the canvas shades into a stylish pergola.

Tech Specs

  • Fabric: 100% solution-dyed woven, UV resistant fabrics
  • Hardware: Stainless steel, including roof-mount brackets
  • Dimensions: Custom Fit, 4' x 8' minimum
  • Seams: IncrediSeal™ Heat Welded Seams
  • Binding: Same fade-resistant fiber as fabric
  • Mounting options: Wall, free standing, pergola
  • Thread: GORE® TENARA®
  • Cables: Type 316 stainless steel, gauge to suit size and conditions
  • Fabric Attachment: Spring-loaded gates for easy attachment to cables and removal for cleaning
  • Operation: Manual or rope and pulley