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Gain control over penetrating early morning and late afternoon sun. Add drop-down shades to any room, porch, or patio for a stylish means of creating comfort.

Versatile Vertical Shade

Configurable with a rod, zip, or cable guiding system, and ideal for any space up to 5m in width. Robust enough for indoor or outdoor use, the metal construction of our shades also give them an attractive, sleek aesthetic. Combine these with our other products for a complete shade solution.

  • drop screen attached to a patio canopy

Extend the capabilities of your awnings

Drop screens can be added to many of our other products:

  • patio canopies

  • retractable awnings

  • pergolas

  • porch awnings

When you add a screen to one of these other shades, you will extend the comfort of your outdoor and indoor spaces much later into the afternoon.

Tech Specs

  • Max Width: 16 feet
  • Max Height: 11 feet
  • UV Ray Protection
  • Frame: Metal
  • Cable: 3mm braided
  • Fabric: Translucent screen or solid acrylic
  • Seams: IncrediSealâ„¢ Heat Welded Seams
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use