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Porch Awnings

Porch canopies & awnings provide protection from the sun so that you can relax in a comfortable shaded area.

  • custom fabric and frame porch awnings

Turn Your Porch into
a usable room

Oftentimes porches go unused because they are not shaded. But a little bit of awning can go a long way… a whole new space to read a magazine, sip on tea and sit with family. Porches can really be the peaceful retreat you always needed.

Our porch awnings come in a variety of styles, including some retractable ones. With a pull-up porch awning, you can have shade and weather protection when you want it, and a clear view of the sky when you don't.

Classic Style with
hundreds of fabrics

Not only does a porch awning or canopy add function to your home and lifestyle, but it also adds a finishing touch to the exterior design of your house. There are hundreds of solid colors and patterns to choose from, including leading designer brands such as Sunbrella and Sattler, and our own house brand – Recacril. And since porch awnings must hold up in rain, wind and intense sunlight, Humphrys only carries fabrics that are water and UV resistant.

  • Drop arm porch awning

Drop-Arm Retractable Porch Awnings

The aesthetics and utility of a porch awning, but with the convenience of a retractable. Drop-arm retractable awnings consist of a manually operated fabric roll attached to a front bar and two swivel arms. With more sturdy geometry and easier option than lateral arm retractable awnings, these porch awnings are easy to live with.

Peerless Durability and Weather Resistance with Incrediseal

One of the reasons our porch awnings last longer is because they are made with IncrediSeal welded seams – zero needle holes means no leakage and no restitching for the life of the fabric. The appearance is clean, smooth and looks great for many years.

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: Custom Fit
  • Fabric: 100% solution-dyed woven, UV resistant fabrics
  • Seams: IncrediSeal™ Heat Weld
  • Frame: ½” Gatorshield® tubing
  • Thread: GORE® TENARA®
  • Binding: Same fade-resistant fiber as fabric
  • Fabric Fit: Stapled or Laced-on
  • Construction: Retractable or Fixed
Pull up porch awning