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Storefront Awnings

Mark your business as an inviting and professional business. Display your logo & business name.

The Most Professional Way
to brand your storefront

Welded frame storefront awnings are almost universal on the storefronts of urban shops and restaurants. In areas where there isn't an existing overhang, it's invaluable to provide guests a sheltered space to read your menu or gather their things before entering or continuing on their way.

But storefront awnings provide much more than utility. They also serve as your billboard, your shingle, your logo sign. They let all who walk past know who you are, and that you're open for business.

Custom Designs to Match Your Style

Each of our storefront awnings are custom made to match the requirements of the client -- not just in size, but also in style. Our design team is ready to help you venture beyond the traditional triangular frame design that is almost ubiquitous around today's cities. Square marquee awnings like the example to the left are another popular style, but we routinely create anything the imagination can dream up. This includes gabled, a-frame awnings, domed awnings, hybrids, and more.

  • storefront awnings printed with logos, patterns, and the address

Printing that lasts as long
as the awning itself

Humphrys has been printing on fabric for decades with our proprietary TuffPrint™ printing process, known for being as tough and weather resistant as the base fabric. Because of this, we back up our printing (and our fabric) with a warranty longer than those of the fabric brands themselves. We also have design staff eager to help make sure your awning looks as sharp as possible when it is erected on your shopfront.

Commercial Window Awnings

Shade your windows with awnings of the same style as the one over your front door. Extending your awnings to front and side windows creates a remarkably striking impression that works as well for a country inn as it does for a downtown boutique.

Humphrys window awnings are available in a wide variety of styles -- just like our storefront awnings. This includes dome awnings, square-welded, drop-arm, architectural metal, and pull-up styles, as well as many more!

  • Humphrys Awnings employee assembling an awning

Welded Frames for Legendary Durability

Our storefront awnings are made of custom cut, welded frames with stapled fabric. This construction method ensures taut, attractive fabric year after year. No loosening and sagging over time. With awnings this long-lasting, you'll feel like they're just part of your building.

Tech Specs

  • Fabric: 100% solution-dyed woven, UV resistant fabrics
  • All hardware: Aluminum or galvanized steel
  • Dimensions: Custom Fit
  • Seams: IncrediSeal™ heat welded seams
  • Binding: Same fade-resistant fiber as fabric
  • Mounting options: Wall, soffit, roof
  • Fabric fit: Stapled or laced-on
  • Printing: TuffPrint™ available
  • Frame: ¾” Gatorshield® steel tubing
  • Thread: GORE® TENARA®
Illustration of a commercial square canopy