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Jefco is now a part of Humphrys Awnings

Since 2015, Jefco has been a part of Humphrys Awnings. The staff you know and love are still running the show, now with the support of Humphrys' large manufacturing capacity.

The culmination of a long partnership

For decades, Jefco had been a customer of Humphrys Awnings. Though manufacturing is in Jefco's name, it had been quite some time since they had actually manufactured their own awnings. Instead, they sold awnings manufactured by Humphrys to Philadelphia area residents and businesses.

Five years ago, Humphrys decided to start selling awnings directly to customers, instead of strictly through dealers. The owners of Jefco had been looking to sell, and so it made sense to incorporate the experienced Jefco staff into Humphrys Awnings.

The same Jefco customer experience you know and love

The only thing that this change means for customers is that they are now buying directly from the manufacturer, and not a middle man. If you buy from Humphrys, you will likely be interacting with the same Jefco customer service reps and installers you are already familiar with. Now, retail and manufacturing are under one roof.