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Selecting the Right Fabric Color

This is the fun part: choosing the color for your home’s awnings. At Humphrys, we have nearly 1,000 fabrics from a range of manufacturers to choose from. But don’t worry—we know how to help you narrow down the options and choose the right color and style awning that will work for you.

When helping you select a fabric, we take several factors into consideration. The style and setting of your house are key. A bright color that could play up the style of a modern house might wind up looking bizarre on a historic home. A playful color or pattern that would complement a beach house could look frivolous in the suburbs. We’ll happily lend you our eye in determining what will work best.

We also take your general color preferences into account when recommending fabrics. While yellow is a great color for reflecting heat, if you’re not in love with yellow, you’re not going to love it taking center stage on your home’s exterior, either! In addition to your house’s main color, we will also want to consider any trim colors and patio furniture colors as well as any other colors that may be dominant inside your home. 

Light vs Dark Colors

The bottom line in terms of light- and dark- colored retractable awnings is pretty simple. Light colors like white and pastels reflect light and therefore will drive light away from your home. The darker the color, the more light it will absorb, which means that it will trap far more heat than a light color. If energy savings is a major reason for your investment in a retractable awning, then you should stick to a color on the lighter side of the spectrum. If you’re more concerned about style, then you are free to choose deeper shades.

light colored residential awning for cool temperatures

Other Style Considerations

  • Scalloped edges: These work well on colonial homes or at a place of business

  • Stripes vs solids: Stripes can work well for a retail store or colonial style homes. The size of the awning will dictate the width of the stripe. A narrow stripe will be overwhelmed by a big awning. A rule of thumb is: the larger the awning, the larger the stripe. 

  • When it’s retracted: Your awning’s cassette can match the color of your home in order to make it almost invisible when the awning is retracted. 

  • Drop shades for additional sun protection: Particularly if your patio is south or west facing, you may wish to add a drop shade to your awning for extra shade in the hottest parts of the day.

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